We offer External Supervision to Social Workers, Counsellors and Front Line staff.

What is External Supervision?

External Supervision is supervision provided by a qualified and experienced professional, who does not work at your place of employment. It is an opportunity for you to have private and reflective discussions in a neutral space about such things as your work practices, professional and career goals, knowledge and skill development and work environment or work relationship related issues. 

The external supervision offered by The Landing is guided by the following principles:

  • A safe, trusting working relationship that ensures a learning alliance;
  • Active promotion of professional growth and development;
  • Ethical and legal responsibility;
  • An individualized approach based on the learning needs and style of the supervisee;
  • A shared commitment to achieving good service outcomes for the individuals served by the supervisee; and
  • Congruence with the values and philosophy of the organization/practice.

Why is it important?

External supervision promotes reflective practice and ongoing professional development. It allows for skill enhancement in select areas and provides opportunities for case conceptualization and review and consultative feedback on work practices. It is a form of self-care that can help you grow as a professional and keep you excited about the work you do and the possibilities for your future work life.

Who is it for? 

At The Landing, we can provide external supervision to social workers, counsellors, child welfare workers, child and youth care workers, community outreach workers, residential care workers and other helping professionals.

If you are already receiving supervision at your place of employment, external supervision may still be right for you in that . . .

  • The supervision session is focused on you and your professional needs and goals, which may be different from and more personalized than those of your onsite supervisor and the organization you work for,
  • It is not time-limited, we can meet on a regular basis for as long as you need, 
  • It is not connected to your performance evaluations or managerial or administrative matters , and
  • You can receive an outside perspective on conflictual or toxic work environments.

What types of things can be discussed in external supervision?

  • Current work practices 
  • Case conceptualization and review
  • Feelings, hopes, and challenges with respect to your work and career
  • Work life balance
  • Practice knowledge and skill development 
  • Work-related stress or psychological injury
  • Navigating or leaving toxic work environments
  • Professional and career development

How much does it cost?

The cost is $125.00 per session however we are committed to making our service accessible and will consider adjusting our fees based on your income. 

If Interested or you would like to know more . . . 

Please contact either Catherine (catherine@thelandingservices.ca) or Jenny (jenny@thelandingservices.ca) for a free ½ hour consult to discuss your needs and to see if we are a good fit for you. 

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