About Our Work.

We have known each other for over 20 years. We first met when Jenny was studying social work (BSW) at Renison University College at the University of Waterloo and Catherine was a professor in the program. We stayed in touch over the years as Jenny’s career took her to New Zealand, Halifax and later Newfoundland, where Catherine was living, having accepted a position at the School of Social Work at Memorial University. Since then we have continued to work on projects together including the creation of the Right Here, Right Now Drop-In Counselling Program at the Women’s Centre in 2015 and most recently, The Landing.

We share a commitment to social justice, feminism, and accountable practice. We value human relationships and consider respect, compassion, collaboration and hope as essential to our process. Our unwavering belief that people are capable, guides how we think about human problems, the helping role, and how we envision change.

Although our work is guided by feminist and narrative approaches to therapy, neither of us rigidly adhere to one specific approach, instead we wish to work with you to find an approach that fits and can best ease your concerns. Catherine has a specific interest in working in the areas of identity and life transitions, including separation/divorce, retirement, grief and loss and social group leavings. Jenny has a specific interest in working in the area of relationships, anxiety, loss and with survivors and current victims of violence, childhood abuse, and recovery.

We are proud to offer a queer-positive, inclusive and culturally sensitive practice. We regret that our office, located on the second floor of the Nova Yoga Studio (125 Longs Hill) may not be accessible for everyone as there is no elevator in the building. If stairs are of concern, please call and we will make other arrangements.

You can contact us for free 15-minute consultation or to set up an appointment