New Year, new counsellor? Vet your counsellor so they are right for you.

The New Year is often a time where we want to set new goals and make positive changes. Sometimes that goal includes counseling. If so, it is important that you vet your counsellor to ensure that they are the right fit for you and that the hour you spend together is a safe place.

A safe place should look and feel like:

– A place where you can say NO freely and without consequences, this should include your counsellor, doctor, friend and partner.

– A place that challenges the myths around gender roles, interpersonal violence and does not use victim blaming language.

-A place that is inclusive and culturally sensitive.

– A place where you are believed, and all your feelings, including anger, are validated.

– A place where you can heal at your own pace and where you are the expert in the process.

– A place where you are so much more than the worst experiences you survived.

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