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Catherine’s Practice Information

I would welcome counselling individuals of all ages with a variety of concerns. I am particularly interested in working with individuals going through life transitions. Even when the transition is desired (for example, being in a relationship, becoming a parent, or getting a new job) the associated changes can be difficult. Transitions resulting from unwanted circumstances, such as separation and divorce, grief and loss, loneliness and rejection, abuse, illness, injury, (dis)Ability, and job loss can be particularly challenging. Whether your transition was desired or forced, counselling can be an effective way for you to receive the support, insight and strength you need to manage the storm and find your calm waters again. 

I have research and practice experience in the area of identity formation and transformations, which are often (but not always) associated with momentous life transitions that may have stunted or shaken your sense of self. Two distinct areas of identity work that hold interest for me are related to gender and sexuality and social group leavings, particularly the identity challenges associated with leaving high demand groups, such as sects, cults, gangs, and political or ideological movements. 

Areas of Practice:

Life transitions


Gender and Sexuality

Leaving high demand groups

Psychological and spiritual manipulation

Mental health


Types of Therapy:



Family Systems



Brief and longer-term



Telephone and on-line

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Jenny’s Practice Information

I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations change and thrive. I am a non-judgmental, compassionate therapist who provides assistance with a variety of issues, including anxiety and stress management, grief, depression, and interpersonal relationships. I aim to work collaboratively, respectfully offering support, encouragement, insights, constructive feedback and practical tools to empower you to take action in order to cultivate a life that is congruent with your core values. I am a Registered Social Worker (#3403) whose passion for narrative therapy first developed in New Zealand where I trained in the modality and worked with families and individuals. At its root, Feminist Narrative Therapy is a practice that looks at your life stories and how they have shaped you to be the person you are today. It is important to know that you do not have to identify as a feminist for us to work together, however feminism, does inform my work and world view. I bring decades of experience working in community, non profits, shelters and in women centres counselling women around interpersonal violence, sexual abuse and mental health.


Areas of practice:

feminist narrative therapy
brief and single session therapy

I am proud to offer a queer-positive, inclusive and culturally sensitive practice.




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